Sacolé, Picolé & Sorvete – Chill Out

There are three pretty good ways to cool off in Brazil, they include having a picolé * (popsicle), sacolé * (popsicle in a bag without a stick where you cut the corner to get the good stuff inside. See advert below) or a sorvete (ice cream). They can be found on many beaches, in general markets or on street corners.

What beats the sacolé and picolé hands-down however is the sorveteria (ice-cream shop), where one can find a large number of different flavored ice-creams. The best part being the majority of flavors are made both of and with real fruit! The past-time of many is not to choose just one flavor but to load up on as many different flavors as you can fit in your cup and then to add your favorite syrup on top. Unfortunately in Brazil, the cup size doesn’t matter as you pay based on how much it weighs!

* Picolé & sacolé are also interchangably called geladinho, gelinho, chup-chup, or chupa-chupa.