Informal Brazilian Portuguese – Dar mole

‘Dar mole’ means to not give resistance to something, frequently used to refer to social situations when a woman is being receptive to a man in a bar, etc. Basically, it means when a woman is into a guy. Can a guy dar mole to a woman? Sure, but I think it occurs according to the second definition that follows. The term ‘dar mole’ can also be used in the sense of not being alert to something in a situation where you can be taken advantage of or where you can ‘lose face’.

Here’s an exageration on what it means to “dar mole” (first definition).

Informal Portuguese – Flake/Third Wheel

Here’s two interesting phrases in Brazilian Portuguese. One is to ‘flake’ on someone (which means to say you will show up for an event, then not show up), and that is ‘dar bolo para em alguém’ (to give cake to on someone). The other phrase is to be the ‘third wheel’ (which means to go out with two other people who are on a date), and that is ‘segurar a vela’ (to hold the candle).