The Parlance of the Paraense Pt 2

A few months ago, I wrote a post called ‘The Parlance of the Paraense‘ detailing common phrases that pertain to the people of Pará. I’d like to share a continuation of the subject although dealing with slang and typically the kind of stuff the young people use. On the blog Bacu de Sunga, there’s a long list entitled Dicionário do Paraense. Here, I’ll just cover a few of them…for the rest, click on the second blog link above.

Chope – Popsicle without the stick, in a small plastic bag. (you may see ‘vende-se chope’, meaning ‘chope is sold here’ all over, but they aren’t refering to choppe (beer).

Égua! – Anything good, great or bad, also ‘gosh!’. Widely used. (I covered this in the first post)

Eu choro! – Cry me a river

Hebe – in popular use before égua came along.

Lá onde o vento faz a curva – Very far (lit. ‘there where the wind starts to curve’).

Maninho/a – Buddy, friend, dude.

Mas quando! – ‘You are lying!’ or a way to say ‘no’ (ex. Are you going to the show? Mas quando, I’m out of money.)

Mas tá vindo um pé d’água – It’s about to rain hard.

Pitiú – The characteristic smell of fish one can smell it coming from Ver-o-peso market.

Tu vai dançar um carimbó já já – I’m going to beat you up.

Tucandeira – Either a large ant near jaca fruit trees that hurts a lot when it stings or fisherman pants.