Brazilian-Portuguese Internet Slang

Internet Slang

vc, cê = você (you)

eh = é (it is, that’s right, confirmation)

neh = né (isn’t it)

num = nem (don’t even)

naum, ñ = não (no)

rs, rsrsrs, kkk, huhauhauha, = risos (lol)

hj= hoje (today)

fds, findi = fim-de-semana (weekend)

k, q, oq = que/o que (what)

td= tudo.

blz= beleza (beauty) Beleza means “beauty” literally, but it can also be used as “alright”.

Oi, e ai, blz? (hi. how are you (is everything alright)?)
blz (yea. its alright)
vamos sair hj?
blz. (ok. alright)

tbm= também

qq = qualquer (any)

bjs, bjoo, bjks = beijos (kisses, goodbye)

t + = até mais (until later)

soh = só (only, just)

vô = vou (I go)

tô, toh = estou (I am)

tá, tah = esta (you are, he, she, it is)

anything with an extra ‘h’ is because the person writing doesnt want to put an accent on the letter.

ahnram – equal to uh-huh (also as in, yeah-right)

hein? = equal to huh, right?

hum – equal to um (Brazilians don’t use ‘um’ because in Portuguese it means ‘one’)

cúe? = qual é? (what’s it to you? what’s the problem?)

fdp = filho da puta (son of a b****)

aff= shock interjection, used for both positive or negative impressions. It derives from Ave, which comes from Ave-Maria.

putz = another shock interjection (normally for something thats hard to believe)

po, poh = porra (shit, what the hell)

pqp= puta que o pariu = damn! if translated literally, its very impolite.


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