Read ‘Journal of a Voyage to Brazil’ – 1824

While meandering around the net, I came across the written account of a well-connected English woman named Maria Graham who published a book in London in 1824 called “Journal of a voyage to Brazil, and residence there, during part of the years 1821, 1822, 1823” which is 335 pages and can be found online in its entirety here. If you enjoy 19th century literature and if you are curious about how Brazil was in the later years of the Portuguese colony, this book is for you. Of course, you’d have to read it online although no need for squinting as there are options for enlarging each page.

(Laranjeiras in Rio, 1821 – by Maria Graham)

Maria Graham

Maria Graham (later to be known as Maria Calcott) was an accomplished author of travel narratives and children’s books as well as an illustrator. Having grown up in a military family, she traveled through India with her father and later through Italy with her husband, also a military man. With her husband, she continued on to Chile, and later as a widow, to Brazil where she tutored the Princess Donna Maria of the newly independent Brazil. For each of her travels, she wrote a book and each one details for the first time in the English language (in most cases) the rise of the nations through which she traveled.