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After successfully launching my first ebook, 103 Tricky Verbs in Brazilian Portuguese right here on Eyes On Brazil, today, I’m announcing my second ebook (PDF), 150 Tricky Words in Brazilian Portuguese. It is based on content I created for this blog several years back, only I’ve reworked and improved it, in addition to having it edited by a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker.

Just like the first ebook, as a PDF, it can be viewed (via Apple’s iBooks app) on iOS devices as well as on Amazon’s Kindle devices (or any device or computer that allows for PDF viewing).

The ebook is aimed to make Brazilian Portuguese easier for those of you who are finding yourselves unsure of when to use one word over another. As the title states, there are (technically more than) 150 Tricky Words, spread out over 44 Word Sets (groupings of words that have similar meanings) which include example sentences and, in many cases, additional information on the word(s).

Here’s an actual Word Set you’ll learn about in my e-book:

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I’ll be selling 150 Tricky Words in Brazillian Portuguese using PayPal’s Online Invoicing, which allows you to pay with a credit or debit card on PayPal’s site (even without the need for a PayPal account). Click on the link(s) below the PayPal image and, once you’ve paid, PayPal will tell me so and then I’ll send you the ebook(s)!

150 Tricky Words – $4.99 USD

103 Tricky Verbs – $4.99 USD

25 Interesting Expressions – $2.99 USD


Two “Tricky” Ebooks – $9.99 USD

All Three Ebooks $12.98 USD

A Happy 5th!

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Today, Eyes On Brazil turns 5 years old (that’s 20 in blog years). This year it looks like I’ll hit one million views, pretty good for a blog I started from nothing.

While there are lots of posts that readers have favorited over the years, the one that has grown to receive the most attention is the long, detailed Brazilian Films list I created. It’s up to 180 films so far (and growing).

Going back in time, here are a few of my first posts on the blog:

– On Italian immigration (my Portuguese translation included)
– On State etymologies
– On the Volta da Asa Branca song
– On Repentistas (troubadores)

I’d also like to take a minute to say thanks to Luciana from Street Smart Brazil who gave me an empurrãozinho (little push) late last year to start making my own ebooks (after having editing hers). My 103 Tricky Verbs in Brazilian Portuguese, which is selling well (and which I’ll have on Amazon, etc. in the coming weeks), is the first of several to come!

I’ll leave you with a suave Bossa song that just came on the radio ; )

Between You & I/Me – Portuguese

The following is from the grammar book ‘Português Do Dia-a-Dia’.

There’s nothing between you and I or between you and me?

The answer is: Não há nada entre mim e você.

‘Eu’ is a nominative case personal pronoun and can only be used as a subject. To use this, what is needed is a verb in its infinitive: “Não há nada entre eu sair e você ficar em casa.” When there isn’t a verb, we should always use ‘entre mim e você‘.

Here are more examples:
A escolha será entre mim e o meu irmão.
O meu irmão e eu fomos os escolhidos.

In the first example, we should use ‘mim‘ because it’s not the subject. The subject is ‘a escolha’. In the second case, we should use ‘eu‘ because it’s the nucleus of the compound subject ‘o meu irmão e eu’.

Keep in mind that ‘entre eu e você’ is always wrong. If you don’t like the correct form (‘entre mim e você’ or ‘entre você e mim’), because you find it ‘strange’, then there is only one correct alternative: A partir de hoje não haverá nada entre nós.

Here are additional explanations on this matter.

Street Smart Brazil is now 2.0!

Hi folks, I received a message from Street Smart Brazil (which I wrote about last year, and which receives some of the most click-throughs from my site) with the news that they’ve totally redone their Portuguese learning site and that it’s better than ever! Here’s the message below!

I am so excited to share the news with you: Street Smart Brazil’s new website is up! We are fully 2.0. The new features include:

  • A totally new look – o site está lindo!
  • A “Meet the Team” page where you can meet our expert instructors
  • Information on our Skype lessons and how Street Smart Brazil makes distant learning personal
  • An integrated blog with video lessons and tips on the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture
  • An updated store with books, movies, music, and Street Smart Brazil merchandise


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