Street Smart Brazil – Real Portuguese lessons

There’s a new site out there looking to teach the real deal, the way it is spoken by natives. Personally, I’ve always looked to native speakers when I’m learning a new language and very rarely, big companies. My theory is that pronunciation is as important as vocab and grammar and all that jazz. Anyways, go and check out StreetSmartBrazil and say hi to Luciana, a native of Recife. Here’s a little snippet from her site,

“I bring to you the Portuguese that you do not learn in textbooks, using software, or in your traditional language school. Along with proper grammar and vocabulary, you will learn idiomatic expressions, proverbs, popular sayings, and slang that cannot be found in traditional learning vehicles. Here you will learn the Portuguese that we speak in Brazil.”

Together with her site, you can find a blog, with helpful hints on improving your Portuguese in the written and video form, plus a bookstore to buy the books you’ll need. If you read this now and forget the name of the site, just come back here and check my links page(s)…StreetSmartBrazil will be there!

Portuguese Pot of Gold – Intermediate learners

I discovered a real pot of gold in terms of Portuguese language learning…but like most pots of gold at the end of any ol’ rainbow, by the time you get there, the gold isn’t there. What I mean by that, is it seems these telecourse lessons are most likely taken from a DVD…but nonetheless, they are on Youtube for now and for the sake of the intermediate learners out there, it’s best they stay put. The lessons are usually in two parts and finding the beginning of the series isn’t easy…in fact, I spent a good 10 minutes trying to locate the start of it all but came away empty.

Anyways, here’s an example

Here’s the blog where they can also be found…

Professor Pasquale – Port Lessons

Many Brazilians have learned a lot about the Portuguese language from Professor Pasquale Cipro Neto who, as I found out, has some lessons online (in PT) which he calls Nossa Língua Portuguesa (NLP). The following are on grammatical agreement. Here’s a link for more.

Part 1

Part 2

Youtube for Continental Portuguese

Expert Village has put up a series of videos on learning Continental Portuguese phrases, in case those of you learning Brazilian Portuguese want to hear the difference. If you click on the video below, it will take you to Youtube where if you scroll down, on the right side, you’ll find more from Tania, the woman giving the audio lesson. 

Learn Portuguese Now

The Portuguese language learning content that I have included thus far has been minimal in an effort to focus more on cultural aspects of Brazil. For those looking for a more back to the basics approach to Portuguese without the slang, try this series of videos from Youtube user LearnPortugueseNow. If you want to see other videos of his, click on this video below, then click on his username or on the drop-down menu titled ‘More from’ to the right.