Northeastern Man Takes Stab At Surgery

“A man in northeastern Brazil is recovering after surgeons removed a 4-inch (10-centimeter) blade that had been stuck in his head for three years following a bar fight. Edeilson Nascimento, a 29-year-old tire repairman, tells reporters Friday he is feeling great after the three-hour surgery earlier this week. He is expected to be released from a hospital in the city of Recife next week.

Nascimento says he got into a bar fight in 2007 and was attacked by assailants when he returned home. At the time, doctors only removed the knife handle, fearing that pulling the blade from his head would cause brain damage. But three years of intense headaches led Nascimento to take a chance on the surgery.” – Source

North/Northeast gets flooded

O Globo is saying upwards of 180,000 people have had to leave their homes in 190 Northern and Northeastern municipalities throughout 8 different states. The situation is somewhat reminiscent of the downpours in Santa Catarina late last year.


“Tens of thousands have been left homeless by the flooding and mudslides, the worst in more than 20 years. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is due to visit some of the worst affected areas later in the day. Brazil’s normally arid north-east has been battered by a month of rains.

The governor of one of the hardest-hit states, Piaui, has declared an emergency in 19 towns and cities and asked for military assistance to help those stranded by the flooding. In the state of Maranhao, six people have been killed and two are missing, while several major roads have been flooded, civil defence officials say. Torrential downpours have also caused rivers to break their banks in the Amazon region. Forecasters say heavy rains are expected to continue in the north and north-east of Brazil until the middle of the month.” – Source (and video)