Mallu launches her first solo project

Mallu Magalhães, the 16 year old singing sensation who I wrote about in August, has just launched her first solo project under the same name. It should be reaching Myspace, and Amazon soon. Below is the article from the front page of Oglobo from this morning. Although not the best quality, on Youtube there’s also a video of her playing with Marcelo Camelo of Los Hermanos fame. Not bad for a 16 year old. 


Roberto Marinho – O Globo & “Beyond”

Roberto Pisani Marinho (December 3, 1904 – August 6, 2003). Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marinho was the president and founder* of the biggest Brazilian TV channel, Globo. He came under criticism in the documentary Beyond Citizen Kane (wikipedia) for his role at Globo. Marinho was one of the richest and most powerful men in Brazil. 

* – (Roberto’s father, Irineu Marinho, was the actual founder, however he died one month after starting the newspaper). 

At a young age, Roberto inherited O Globo (then just a newspaper), founded by his father on July 29th, 1925. Soon, Roberto branched out into a chain of radio stations such as Rádio Globo and Rádio CBN which consisted of news broadcasts only. On April 26th, 1965, thanks to the Military Regime, he founded Rede Globo TV, which became the principal TV station in Brazil and the third largest in the world. Rede Globo has had large developments during and directly after the Military Dictatorship. With the production of novelas (soap-operas), TV Globo found a way to flex its true power and has since exported many to various countries. These days, Globo’s reach is incalculable and has imense social and political influence (on par with Italy’s RAI, now Fininvest, run by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi).

Beyond Citizen Kane 

This documentary is a 1993 film directed by Simon Hartog for Channel 4. It details the dominance of the Rede Globo media group in Brazilian society, discussing the group’s influence, power, and political connections. Globo’s president and founder Roberto Marinho came in for particular criticism, being compared with fictional newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane. Globo, the documentary argues, engaged in the same wholesale manipulation of news to influence public opinion as did Kane.

Beyond Citizen Kane (Youtube user Openr0ad with all parts of the documentary, unfortunately only some of it is in English)