Informal Way to Order – Phrases

A few years ago, I heard a random phrase that I hadn’t heard before and hadn’t heard since, until just the other day. It has to do with ordering things, mainly food or drinks and it translates literally to ‘see me…’ as in ‘see me a sandwich’, for example. Apparently, it isn’t an odd construction in Portuguese…

I’d like/Give me – Me vê

Ex. Me vê um copo de leite.
Ex. Give me a cup of milk.

Keep an open mind with this phrase as it’s possible to be used for ordering anything. A good way of thinking about it is to picture a final product that hasn’t been put together yet so by saying this phrase, you are in effect asking for the final product to be made (ex, a sandwich needs bread, tomatoes, lettuce, etc) or in the least, to be fetched from somewhere the customer isn’t allowed to go.