Petrópolis Floods

Petrópolis and surrounding areas have flooded, as you may have heard. Over 800 people so far are said to have lost their lives and more than 400 are still missing. BBC has more. If you are in Rio and want to know how to donate or help, this Google Map lays it all out.

More Photos – Folha

Itaipava & Petrópolis – Behind the Word

For information about the floods, see this post.


Itaipava is a word you may see when traveling to Brazil, mainly in Rio de Janeiro. In the Tupi-Guarani Indian language, it means “rock that cries,” such as in the picture above.

In Petrópolis (city of “Peter” after the emperor Dom Pedro II), North of Rio de Janeiro, you will find the Petrópolis brewery which makes a Pilsener called what else but Itaipava (my favorite), which is also the name of a district of the city. If left with pouco tempo (little time) to spare in Petrópolis, don’t waste it on getting wasted…instead go see the Summer home (or Palácio Imperial/Museu Imperial) of the second Royal Emperor to Brazil (as seen below). Following it is a picture of the district Itaipava.
Palácio Imperial