Fernanda Abreu – The First Lady of Funk

Fernanda Sampaio de Lacerda Abreu (or simply Fernanda Abreu) was born on Rio de Janeiro at September 8, 1961. She was the backing vocal of the famous band Blitz until 1986. After that, in 1990, she started a solo career singing funk, disco and dance music, achieving great success in her native country. In 1989, she met Herbet Vianna, and with his help and encouragment formed a funk band. Her first solo album, SLA Radical Dance Disco Club (1990), had a hit with “A Noite.” Her second album, SLA2/Be Sample (1992), was one of the earliest Brazilian pop records to extensively employ the sampler, and had success with “Rio 40 Graus” (featured below). Since then, Abreu has been considered the first lady of Brazilian funk. In 2006 she released “Ao Vivo MTV”, the first DVD of her career, which includes many of her hit songs.

If you want something to dance to, I suggest giving her a go!