Fazendo Uma Geral – Site News Update

Just an update from my Sept. 10th post titled ‘Fazendo Uma Geral’.

– Yesterday, I brought the vanity URLs over so both http://www.eyesonbrazil.com and eyesonbrazil.com direct here to WordPress.

– The Brazilian Films List (to your left, which took over from the ‘Every Brazilian Film I’ve Ever Seen & Recommend’ post) gained a few additional details such as the year each film was made and the director who made it, along with the previous IMDB links. I’m happy to say it has also become a popular post according to my blog statistics. Current film count: 130.

– On top of being contracted by Street Smart Brazil for a weekly column, I’m also the translator now for Estilo Bay, the new Bay Area magazine on Brazilian culture I mentioned in a recent post. From time to time, I’ll also be a columnist there, too. The November issue will be out shortly so I’ll post about that when the time comes. Aside from being published a few times in Brazzil magazine several years back, which you can find on the right side column at the bottom under ‘My Non-Fiction’, I’m awaiting one of my articles to be published in the December issue of a Colombian magazine.

– Last but not least, I’m looking into new ways to bring you my content. A few of the ideas I’ve considered are audio, video and magazine format(s). What I’m after is an easily sharable way to post or perhaps a compliment to the posts themselves.

The New Columnist at Street Smart Brazil

Just an announcement. I’m excited to say I’ve been contracted out to Street Smart Brazil’s blog as a weekly columnist where I’ll be writing about Brazilian culture. That means I’ll be linking to those posts from here every week, to tell you all about the newest post!

And for anyone in the SF Bay Area who is looking for Portuguese lessons here or even via Skype, get in touch with Luciana, the owner of Street Smart Brazil at info@streetsmartbrazil.com (or via her site).

Here’s my first column!

Fazendo Uma Geral – Site News

I’ve been tidying things up (fazendo uma geral) around here since I came back to WordPress as well as posting like a madman for the past 30 days. Some things you may have noticed are:

– New Blog Theme
– Brazilian Films List below About section
– Cleaner Category Menu (ie, you can click on a city under Geography)
– A Record 89 Posts in One Month (normally about 3 months worth).

– I also brought Eyes On Portugal over to WordPress (but I’m currently taking a break from it)
– As for the Vanity URL of EyesOnBrazil.com, that should work for this blog again in a few weeks.

Two Roads Diverged In a (Green &) Yellow Wood

Not many people know that the Robert Frost poem entitled ‘The Road Not Taken’ has two interpretations. One is more literal and common, which says the poem is non-conformist while the other, widely held by critics, speaks to regret at having taken the wrong road. While not being a pessimist, I tend to agree with the critics and as I close in on completing 100 posts and 5 months over at Eyes On Brazil on the Blogger platform, I’ve been monitoring monthly views and reader participation against what it was here on WordPress. The result is striking.

The difference in monthly views over 5 months was higher on WordPress by a factor of 15…so that being said, it’s about time I return, even if that means the vanity URL eyesonbrazil.com will still go to Blogger for a bit longer. You will find that I have transfered just the newer posts and comments to WordPress already.

I apologize for the turbulence. Let’s get things back on track.

Changing Blogging Platforms – Site News

Eyes On Brazil has been moved to Blogger instead of where it has always been (WordPress, here). Blogger offers more options in terms of customization, etc so that’s why I’m switching.

What this means to you is that the WordPress URL is now a Blogger URL (http://eyesonbrazil.blogspot.com), the former will continue to function but won’t be updated and the latter being presently active and updated as usual. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Here are the vanity URLs that you can also use to access my site




– Adam

The Leveling Off Point

After hitting the 10 year mark in my studies of all that is Brazilian, I’ve come to a conclusion that usually applies to language studies but I’m going to apply it here in a cultural sense. Most people learning another language reach a point where they slow down their studies because they’ve reached a leveling-off point where they feel confident enough in what they know to be able to put the brakes on. While it shows one’s dedication to a subject to have reached such a stage, it also points to a shift in thinking and sometimes a change in subject matter. Linguistically speaking, I am more aware of this in English-language learners as opposed to learners of other languages which I cannot call my own. All the same, it can either be seen as a form of laziness or an evolution of thought.

Lately, I have had some time to think about a lot of things and I came to the conclusion that my days of studying every free moment I had are over, at least in terms of the subject of Brazil. This doesn’t mean I’m disinterested or that I’ve somehow lost my Brazilian mojo, as it were, but I have reached the leveling-off point and that means I either need to expand the view I already have or look for greener pastures (at which point I ask myself, are there places greener than Brazil?).

We’re two weeks away from putting the candles on the cake (when Eyes On Brazil turns 2) and I realized a good part of what I post consists of interesting things I’ve found online while the other part consists of my own thoughts based on my own experiences as well as more in-depth analyses of Brazilian culture. What I hope to do now is to decrease the former and increase the latter (option 3 is to increase the former while analyzing those things I find).

For the time being, I need to focus a bit on my offline life but I hope to be back and at it soon.

Site News – A message to subscribers

A while back, I added the ability to subscribe via email to my posts and while I’m not sure how that pans out in terms of my views per month, I rather like the idea. One thing that often happens though is that I will write a post, publish it then proofread it. There’s something about proofreading a final copy that I find more appealing than proofreading a draft so I apologize for any typos or changes which you only get to see if you click on through to my site a few minutes after publishing time. In just a second, I’ll eve be ‘proofing’ this message ; )