700 Posts on Eyes On Brazil!

Not much to say aside from the title. I’m averaging 32 posts per month and if Eyes On Colombia is counted, that jumps to 39. Getting closer to the answer of the question “now who is going to pay me for this?” I’m just saying, I wouldn’t complain if someone wanted to pay me for doing something similar but for a different subject.

Belém is going bye-bye

After 3 months of living in Belém, with an initial plan of just visiting and heading on to Rio, I moved back to the States on account of having spent more money in Belém than I planned. Rio will be for another day. In any event, I made Eyes On Belém about 10 months ago when I was under the impression that segmented sites would help me define the reader and the content. One became two which became three then four. In line with the consolidation of the sites, the sun will be setting on Eyes On Belém today.

I’m almost done with integrating all the content from that site and soon all will be as it was. Some of the pages however (‘pages’ are the lists of links to the right such as ‘Links on Brazil’, etc) that were left over will become a new post so as to not lose the content.

Now if anyone notices a slight focus on Belém among my now-nearly 700 posts, they’ll know why.

Improvements to the Site

As I mentioned the other day, one should be on the lookout for new and improved content. Well, here it is!

– More categories have been added in order to help you locate exactly what you are looking for.

– A Schedule of free things to do in Belém has also been added to the side bar with a translation into Portuguese for Brazilian tourists. It’s in progress so I hope it will continue to grow.

– An updated About page is up and running.

– Some new posts have also popped up and in addition, now that I’m here in town, I’ll either be updating existing posts or creating follow-ups to help you be more informed.

Poll: Consolidate or not?

Back in the day (ok, a year and a half ago), I had the original Eyes On Brazil (which I called Brasis) plus a Portuguese version, plus an Editorial version. After a month of trying it out, I decided against it and consolidated. It turned out to be a good choice, in my opinion. Plus, as a user, I would rather visit one site than visit multiple sites (but that’s me).

Now I have Eyes On Salvador, which I haven’t updated as much as I should and Eyes On Rio, which is new and without much footing yet. Consolidating the latter would mean adding two whole posts to Eyes On Brazil and consolidating the former would mean adding a good 15 posts here. Statistics-wise, this site gets way more hits than the others combined so this fact has me thinking as well.

As for Eyes On Belem, that’s my side project so it will stay alive and kicking regardless.

How do you vote? Yay or Nay on consolidating?

Moved to Belém

Hello everyone,

So I’ve taken the plunge and moved to the Amazon region, more specifically to Belém do Pará. I’ve been here a week (thus the lack of posts here) so far and plan to stay indefinitely. Additionally, I am testing a new layout which brings the categories to the forefront to help readers, both new and old, to find what they are looking for. You can see it in action over at Eyes On Belém as the site’s homepage.

If you are interested in my first impressions of the North in general and Belém in particular, they can be found here.

I’m also going to start accepting advertising (on the side bar) for the site(s) as I believe enough people are accessing the Eyes On Brazil site these days to make it worthwhile. As for the other 4 sites, I will slowly but surely be placing a few adverts on each.

Other than that, I hope all is well and thank you again for having an interest in Brazil!