What’s in a word? Americanos vs. Estadunidenses

Gene at Expat Brazil posted a link to an article where the Argentine President called Americans by the term “americanos” instead of by the more formal term “estadunidenses” (something like “United-Statesian”). Interestingly enough, I was having this conversation on a forum elsewhere just yesterday so I thought I’d chime in ‘officially’ on my own site. Personally, I use both terms when I see fit (ie, depending on who I’m talking to) but I don’t go out of my way to make sure someone knows I’m not of the opinion that I rule the world.

All of Latin America (now there’s another famous discussion, are Brazilians ‘latinos’?) uses both terms although the use of “americano” is way more widely used by all while “estadunidense” is used by two kinds of people. The first kind is the intellectual wishing to be as correct and specific as possible and the second kind is the average person who believes that Americans believe we own the world (while we all know it is the “United-Statesian” government that really wishes to own the world). Let’s stop being silly then, shall we?

The only counter-argument used tries to say that anyone from the Americas is an American. True to a point, but nobody south of the United States really calls themselves “americano” so let’s make that clear (and yes, I’m pretending to know every citizen south of the US). If the intellectual wishes to make the distinction, then he/she must be of the intellect to know that we don’t call ourselves Americans for any other reason than that is just how we are known around the world. The argument is then moot because we certainly won’t start calling ourselves (or being called by others) “United-Statesians” any time soon.

Googling Brazil

I’d like to share a few Google tips for “googling” stuff on Google (for the inside joke, go here) in reference to Brazil. First, I’d like to tell you how to search only Brazilian sites. For that, just conclude your search term with “site:br” (ex. escolas de inglês site:br) and you will only be shown English schools on Brazilian sites. Keep in mind, just by adding this tag, it doesn’t mean all the results will come back in Portuguese, it just means they will be hosted on Brazillian domains. If you want to search only for things in Portuguese, go to ‘Preferences‘ and there, you will be able to select ‘Prefer pages written in these languages’ (under which you’ll be able to select Portuguese).

Here are two other helpful tips for searching on Google (and almost anywhere else, for that matter). If you want a specific term to show up in your results and your search involves multiple words, you just need to place them entre aspas (in quotes). Ex. “Portuguese classes in Miami”. The second tip is for when you find a term in the results that you want to exclude from the search results such as in the last example, let’s say you want to exclude results that specify South Beach, you would then enter the same thing as in the last example, plus “-south beach”. Ex. “Portuguese classes in Miami” -south beach (for which you will find zero results, because there are no Portuguese classes offered in South Beach, according to Google).

Happy searching!