Don’t-Touch-Me, Rio Grande do Sul


Brazilians are known for their warmth and joviality, though some say the further north one goes, the warmer the people (and the weather, of course). Going in the opposite direction, a little under 4 hours drive northwest of Porto Alegre, there’s a county called Não-Me-Toque (Don’t-Touch-Me) in Rio Grande do Sul. I’d say that being so far from the state’s capital, surely not many people will be touching down there but, before judging the county, let’s take a closer look.

The origin of the name is disputed and varied but two likely contenders for the true origin are that it comes from the name of a plant, found in the region, known as the Santo Antônio Thorn (aka. Não-me-toque). The other possible origin is the early 19th century Portuguese-owned farm called none other than Don’t Touch Me Farm.

As far as when to visit the surely charming city (I’m not kidding, I’m sure it’s a lovely place!), I’d say whenever the next tractor race (Arrancada de Tratores) happens. The county, along with Maripá (in Paraná), co-hosts the event, which from the video below, looks like a lot of fun!

PS – the video title says it’s Não-me-toque but the video report is about Maripá. In any event, it shows what the tractor race is all about.