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With Eyes On Brazil turning 5 years old, I’m really excited to introduce my first ebook (PDF), 103 Tricky Verbs in Brazilian Portuguese for sale, priced at US$4.99. It is based on content I created for this blog several years back, though I’ve reworked and improved it, in addition to having it edited by native Brazilian Portuguese speakers. As a PDF, it can be viewed (via Apple’s iBooks app) on iOS devices as well as on Amazon’s Kindle devices. The ebook is aimed to make Brazilian Portuguese easier for those of you who are finding yourselves unsure of when to use one verb over another. As the title states, there are 103 Tricky Verbs, spread out over 47 Verb Sets (groupings of verbs that have similar meanings) which include example sentences and, in many cases, additional information on the verb(s). The actual Verb Sets you’ll learn about in my e-book: Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 11.50.49 AM After countless attempts, using various formats, to prep the ebook for the Amazon marketplace, I’ve decided instead to sell it using PayPal’s Online Invoicing, which allows you to pay with a credit or debit card on PayPal’s site (even without the need for a PayPal account). Click on the button below and, once you’ve paid, PayPal will tell me so and then I’ll send you the ebook!



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The Brazilian Portuguese language post that was here has been made, along with the other similar posts, into content for my new ebooks/PDFs that I’ll be announcing very shortly. Thanks!

– Adam