Moods – Vocabulary

I remember the first time I heard my carioca friend say “alto astral“, I thought to myself, “what in the world could that mean?” She tried to explain it to me in simple terms, saying “it’s-a like-e when you are in a good-a mood-je”. Apparently, one can be in a good mood (estar de alto astral), bad mood (baixo astral) or need their mood uplifted (levantar o astral).

A good question to raise is how does one’s ‘astral’ differ from their ‘humor‘ (bom humor/mau humor)? I assume there isn’t much of a difference.

House terms in Portuguese

House – A Casa
Home – O Lar (like ‘Home, Sweet Home’ = ‘Lar, Doce Lar’)
Apartment – O Apartamento (shorthand apê)
Studio apartment – O Conjugado
Small apartment – O Quitinete* (may be written as ‘kitinete’)
Mansion – A Mansão
Shack – O Barraco

Room – O Quarto
Living room – A Sala de estar
Kitchen – A Cozinha
Dining room – A Sala de jantar
Garage – A Garagem
Backyard – O Quintal
Bathroom – O Banheiro
Attic – O Sótão
Basement – O Porão
Laundry room – A Área de serviço
Closet – O Armário* (or ‘o guarda-roupas’, or ‘o roupeiro’)

Roof/Ceiling – O Teto
Driveway – A Entrada de veículos/carros (or ‘o caminho de entrada’)

Bookshelf – A Estante de livros
Fireplace – A Lareira (although I’d guess it’s not needed in most of Brazil)
Ceiling fan – O Ventilador de teto

* – Quitinete could be feminine or masculine. I haven’t been able to get confirmation…just opinions. Although formally, it seems the masculine article is used while informally, the feminine is used.

* – Guarda-roupas seems to have a fuzzy definition. Most Brazilians tell me it doesn’t mean closet, but rather “wardrobe”. The problem is that “wardrobe” means both a collection of clothes and where those clothes are kept. The word “armário” or armoire, also means wardrobe but in the second sense. Roupeiro is where one keeps their clothes. All in all, these seem like they are cabinets where clothes are kept and not built-in spaces within a bedroom or near a hallway. Come to think of it, from my recollection, Brazilians don’t have closets, just cabinets.