Two full-length Brazilian films on Youtube

I’m not sure when it changed but sometime in the last several months, Youtube started allowing full length films instead of its normal 10 minute limit on each video. There are two I’ve noticed which are Brazilian and which have good ratings on IMDB, although they don’t come with subtitles.

Cinema, Aspirina & Urubus
(A road movie about a German man who went to the North East of Brazil in the 1942 to sell Aspirin)

O Prisioneiro Da Grade de Ferro
(Documentary about Carandiru Penitentiary, with scenes filmed by the prisoners themselves)

Youtube for Continental Portuguese

Expert Village has put up a series of videos on learning Continental Portuguese phrases, in case those of you learning Brazilian Portuguese want to hear the difference. If you click on the video below, it will take you to Youtube where if you scroll down, on the right side, you’ll find more from Tania, the woman giving the audio lesson. 

Mallu Magalhães – Internet Sensation

I was browsing the Brazilian Youtube for some clips of a talk show host Sergio Groisman, when I came across this young singer who is having great success, due largely to the internet. I was introduced to her music last year via a secondhand recording and didn’t think twice until I saw a better, more professional recording today (which I put below). Special thanks to Janaina for passing along her video at some point in the past, which is what made me remember her unusual name. My guess? It’s a name you should definitely remember.

Mallu Biography

Maria Luisa de Arruda Botelho Pereira de Magalhães, best known as Mallu Magalhães, (São Paulo, August 29, 1992) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter.

Mallu used to search for LPs in her grandmother’s house and had influence from her parents in her musical tastes. In 2001, she got her first guitar and two years later she began to going to classes. At twelve years old, Mallu began to compose her own songs, the majority in English. “It sounds better”, she says. “I always was ashamed to compose in Portuguese. Sometimes, you want to tell things that need to be darker”. But she says that she’s not too good at speaking English and always has a dictionary at hand.

For her fifteenth birthday, Mallu didn’t want gifts but rather money from her parents and grandparents. With this money, Mallu recorded four songs and a video and put them on the internet. “Tchubaruba” (video below) and “J1” (second video below) were among these songs and “Vanguart”, the video. Very fast Mallu became a success on the Internet, recording videos and being interviewed by magazines, like Rolling Stone Brazil, and TV shows such as Altas Horas and Programa do Jô.

Her favourite bands and artists are the Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

Learn Portuguese Now

The Portuguese language learning content that I have included thus far has been minimal in an effort to focus more on cultural aspects of Brazil. For those looking for a more back to the basics approach to Portuguese without the slang, try this series of videos from Youtube user LearnPortugueseNow. If you want to see other videos of his, click on this video below, then click on his username or on the drop-down menu titled ‘More from’ to the right.