Informal Brazilian Portuguese – Dar mole

‘Dar mole’ means to not give resistance to something, frequently used to refer to social situations when a woman is being receptive to a man in a bar, etc. Basically, it means when a woman is into a guy. Can a guy dar mole to a woman? Sure, but I think it occurs according to the second definition that follows. The term ‘dar mole’ can also be used in the sense of not being alert to something in a situation where you can be taken advantage of or where you can ‘lose face’.

Here’s an exageration on what it means to “dar mole” (first definition).

Gabriel Moura – Garota do Méier

Girl from Méier
by Gabriel Moura (ex-member of the band Farofa Carioca)

She gets on in Méier*
the 456 (the Yellow line)
on the weekend
she goes to Ipanema beach

She steps on the sand
The day is hers
She’s the prettiest thing
on the face of the earth 

*Méier is a neighborhood in the North zone of Rio (which holds the first shopping center of Brazil).

Tarde em Itapuã – Toquinho/Gil

Afternoon in Itapuã

Its good
to spend the afternoon in Itapuã
under the sun that shines in Itapuã
hearing the sea in Itapuã
speaking of love in Itapuã..


Itapuã is a neighborhood located in the western zone of Salvador, Bahia. The song was written by Vinicius de Morães. Here’s a few pictures.